AdBlue Emulator - MERCEDES EURO 6.2

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Malfunctions in your vehicle's Adblue system cause you to lose torque. Parts such as NOx-Nh3-pressure-temperature sensors, adblue brain and pump in the system are high-cost products. In case of any malfunction, you will be able to fix the malfunctions encountered more cost-effectively by using the Adblue Emulator. At the same time, you will not waste time with its easy assembly feature. The AdBlue Emulator acts as the original AdBlue system of the vehicle, giving healthy operation information to the relevant systems, stopping the urea fuel consumption and extinguishing the fault lamps.

With the Adblue Emulator can be canceled the Adblue system of  Mercedes Euro 6.2.






The use of Adblue cancellation emulator device is illegal in some countries, especially in European Union countries. Use of this device will result in high exhaust gas emissions. After you start using the Adblue cancellation emulator, your vehicle will not comply with Euro4, Euro5 and Euro6 standards. Our device is intended for countries where there are no laws requiring compliance with Euro 4/5/6 ecological standards. The Adblue cancellation emulator stops the DEF fluid flow in the SCR catalyst. Adblue Cancellation Emulator is designed to be used in countries where Euro 4/5/6 standards are not mandatory and accordingly, this liquid is not available, or to be used temporarily until the malfunctions arising from the Adblue system are eliminated. Buying this device is a purely personal decision. Our company is not responsible for all legal problems that may arise due to this decision.


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